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How To Prep For Your First Job Interview After A Long Break

Whether you've taken time off from work due to a health reason, pregnancy, family issue, or anything else, it can be intimidating to enter your first interview following a long break. A break will not automatically disqualify you for EHS director jobs or as an EHS coordinator. Here are some tips for preparing for your first interview after a break.

Don't try to hide it

Your future employer won't appreciate any dishonesty. While that doesn't mean you should over-share your situation, offering a simple explanation is a much better option than brushing it off altogether. Update your CV with the gap in your career. Include new skills related to EHS director jobs you might have acquired during your break but be sure not to lie about how you spent your time. Leading us to...

Don't lie

Highlighting the activities and skills you may have acquired during your break is a great way to express to employers that you made the most of your downtime. Having said that, you also shouldn't pad your resume; don't say you participated in activities to fill the time that aren't true, including community volunteering or health work. In the end, your qualifications are going to get you a job in your field, whether you're a safety director or an occupational safety consultant.

Do your research

Prepping for any job interview includes knowing about the business for which you're applying. That includes the ins and outs of the company, but it might also need you to qualify for new industrial hygiene and safety standards. For all entry level occupational health and safety jobs, you have to know what qualifications and updates in OSHA you need to adhere to before you apply. You wouldn't apply to be a manager without any managerial experience.

Don't go in with high expectations...

...But remember to be confident. If you have the skills, a gap in your resume shouldn't matter as long as you're confident in your ability to do the job and serve as a team player. But that might mean you're not going to be hired as an EHS coordinator right off the bat; starting as an occupational safety consultant might be more realistic. Keep in mind that a gap in your resume might not give you a salary comparable to your old job; the median salary for fields in the environmental science settled around $69,000 in 2017.

While many can jump right back into the routine, others might run into some hiccups along the way. Try using these tips for nailing your first job interview for EHS director jobs following a gap in your resume.

Sep 21