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Is A Company Not Meeting OSHA Standards? Here's What You Should Do

Whether you're a safety director or someone looking for entry level occupational health and safety jobs, adhering to OSHA standards is a necessary part of all environmental safety jobs. In the event that your employer or corporation is violating an OSHA standard, it's important to file a complaint to prevent an employee from getting hurt. As an employee that adheres to OSHA standards, understanding the process behind filing a complaint with OSHA is a part of working as an EHS coordinator.


Identifying the violation
Safety and hygiene jobs must adhere to strict guidelines in order to keep the employees, the consumer, and the environment safe from harm. While OSHA demands general requirements for most careers in safety and health, certain jobs will require special attention if you're working with toxic chemicals or construction equipment.

Take your job into account; a construction safety consultant will need to establish the initial issue as a violation of OSHA protocol before filing the complaint. Refer to OSHA standards and guidelines to ensure your company is in direct violation.


Filing the complaint
You can file a complaint with OSHA by visiting your local OSHA office, calling their hotline at 1-800-321-OSHA, or by reporting online. You will need comprehensive information regarding your environmental safety jobs, along with a description of the harmful event, the names of employers, and the time of the incident. While inadequate protection against falls in the workplace is the most commonly violated standard, there are a slew of other violations that can result in a call to OSHA.

Keep in mind, that reporting to OSHA can be kept confidential. You have the right to withhold your name from your employer.


What happens after I file the complaint?
Keep in mind that OSHA will get to your claim, but they prioritize tasks depending with the most dangerous cases leading the charge. These include events that might result in severe injury or immediate harm to the employee. OSHA will also prioritize any fatalities that occur on the job or any accident that requires hospitalization.

Before OSHA visits your place of employment to inspect the site, they will determine if your complaint has grounds to require an OSHA visit. If the OSHA visit occurs, the OSHA safety director will also report on any other violations they find. During an inspection, your company has the right to include a workers' representative to accompany the OSHA inspector; this employee is chosen by the union, or by other employees, however, never the employer.

If OSHA finds your company in violation of OSHA standards, they will undergo the correct protocol to rectify the situation.

Adhering to OSHA standards is a necessity in environmental safety jobs. By reporting to a safety representative, you're ensuring the safety of more than yourself: you're helping your fellow employees, citizens, and the environment.


Sep 17