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Valley Proteins

Company Overview

Solutions in Rendering and Recycling

For almost 70 years, Valley Proteins, Inc. has been a leader in providing an invaluable service to global economies and the environment. Through our core competencies in rendering and recycling, Valley Proteins sets the standard in creating valuable products from renewable resources.

Valley Proteins focuses on four primary areas of expertise:

Reliable Collection and Recycling Services

Our focus has always been on customer service. Our foodservice, meat processing and supermarket customers rely on us to provide prompt, reliable collection and recycling services directly tailored to their needs.

Advanced Rendering Technology

Our clean and efficient plants utilize advanced continuous rendering processes that result in advanced production methods, less energy consumption and better products.

Quality Fats & Proteins

Made from the freshest ingredients, we produce sustainable high-protein, high-energy feed ingredients that nourish our global food supply.

Renewable Energy Ingredients

Our strong commitment to a sustainable future leads us in the development of biofuel ingredients produced from recycled restaurant used cooking oil (UCO) and animal fats.

Together, these essential services help reduce our carbon footprint, and protect the health of our fragile environment.

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