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Safety, Security and Environment]]> <![CDATA[Manager - Safety, Security and Environment]]> <![CDATA[Manager - Safety, Security and Environment]]> <![CDATA[Manager - Safety, Security and Environment]]> <![CDATA[Manager - Safety, Security and Environment]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager - Drilling]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager - Drilling]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist]]> <![CDATA[EHS Sr. Project Manager [RW-10352]]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Manager]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Industrial Hygienist/Health & Safety Consultant]]> 5 years (IH Technician) or 5-10+ years of experience (Senior IH Consultant) in industrial hygiene work place evaluations and project management. Industrial hygiene monitoring (regulated building materials air and bulk sampling, noise dosimetry, etc.). Experience with indoor air quality studies. Certifications as an asbestos and lead inspector, project monitor and/or supervisor; licenses in Virginia and/or Maryland are also preferred.​ NIOSH-582 Course or equivalent. Must possess a valid driver’s license. U.S. Citizen and must be able to obtain, as a minimum, OMB Position of Public Trust and Federal Protective Services Favorable designations.​ Other clearance requirements for access to Federal facilities may be necessary, and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.​ Essential Functions Conduct occupational exposure or area monitoring, environmental sampling, and other related duties.​ Perform all fieldwork required, such as calibrating and operating equipment for acquiring air samples and monitoring personnel exposure, making mathematical calculations, obtaining media, submitting samples for laboratory analysis, collecting relevant data, observing field situations and documenting events.​ Perform work place surveys to determine compliance with OSHA and environmental regulations.​ Manage and direct a variety of projects, as well as several technicians to ensure scope, budget, and schedules are met; coordinate projects with staff and clients.  Assist in training on a variety of environmental, health and safety issues.​ The ideal candidate must be proficient with all Microsoft Office programs. Ability and willingness to travel locally (out-of-area travel will be required on a limited basis), work in the field, work outdoors, and lift 50 lbs.  Must be able to wear a respirator. Off-hour work may be required. Base Location:This position is based in Alexandria, Virginia and most work will be in the DC-area for Federal agencies. Additional project-specific opportunities may be required on a short-term basis throughout the United States.  About the Firm:Mabbett, an award-winning firm, is currently celebrating 36 years of service to manufacturing and commercial industry, government agencies and institutions. Mabbett is a US Department of Veterans Affairs verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a MA Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (SDVOBE). The firm provides an employee benefits program, advancement potential, and a progressive and challenging work environment. Additionally, we are an Equal Opportunity and Veteran Friendly Employer. For more information, visit us at www.mabbett.com.]]> <![CDATA[Safety Professional - Jacksonville]]> <![CDATA[Safety Professional - Miami area]]> <![CDATA[Safety Professional - Atlanta]]> <![CDATA[Safety Professional - Raleigh Area]]> <![CDATA[Safety Professional -Virginia]]> <![CDATA[Corporate EHS Manager [TF-10354]]]> <![CDATA[Risk Assessment Specialist/Process Safety Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Corporate Safety Manager [TF-10351]]]> <![CDATA[Sr Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Field Safety Professional]]> <![CDATA[Director, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)]]> <![CDATA[DOT Manager (Safety)]]> <![CDATA[Manager - Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Facilities]]> <![CDATA[Site Safety & Health Officer]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Specialist ]]> <![CDATA[Safety Specialist ]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Specialist - Air ]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist]]> <![CDATA[HR]]> <![CDATA[Director, Office of Sustainability (Environmental)]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Manager]]> <![CDATA[Occupational Safety Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Global Health & Safety Leader]]> <![CDATA[Advisor - Environmental Health & Safety (Radiation Safety)]]> <![CDATA[Chemistry Resource & Chemical Hygiene Specialist (EHS)]]> <![CDATA[Senior Vice President Safety, Health, Environment & Sustainability]]> <![CDATA[Senior Vice President Safety, Health, Environment & Sustainability]]> <![CDATA[Part-time & Full-time EH&S Consultants]]> <![CDATA[Safety Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[Safety Consultant III]]> <![CDATA[Health & Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Process Safety Management (PSM) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Safety Environmental and Security Manager ]]> <![CDATA[Safety Coordinator II]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Sr. Director of Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Consulting Operations]]> <![CDATA[EHS Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Programs Auditor]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Senior Area Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Sr. Manager Area Safety (Illness Program-Poultry)]]> <![CDATA[Safety Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[Multi-Site Safety, Health & Environmental Manager]]> <![CDATA[Safety Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Sustainability Compliance Auditor (Environmental)]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health, and Safety Engineer]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist ]]> <![CDATA[Safety Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[Senior Process Engineer [PSM/EHS)]]> <![CDATA[Senior Environmental Engineer]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager ]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Specialist]]> <![CDATA[EHS Manager [ND-10363]]]> <![CDATA[Multi Branch EHS Manager - Midwest]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[EHS Manager]]> <![CDATA[Director of Safety]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Manager]]> <![CDATA[Regional Health & Safety Manager]]> <![CDATA[Health and Safety Specialist]]> <![CDATA[Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[Sr. Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant II/ Seller- Doer]]> <![CDATA[Safety Service Line Leader]]> <![CDATA[Senior Director of Operations - Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)]]> <![CDATA[Industrial Hygiene Consultant I]]> <![CDATA[Process Safety Leader]]> <![CDATA[Senior Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Consultant]]> <![CDATA[Industrial Hygiene Technician]]> <![CDATA[Safety & Environmental Coordinator]]> <![CDATA[Safety Supervisor]]> <![CDATA[Safety Manager]]>